Gold Seal Certification

Gold Seal CertifiedThe CCA’s Gold Seal Certification program certifies Canadian Construction Management Professionals and is a nationally acknowledged benchmark of excellence in construction management. Earned through a combination of industry experience, education, and examination, this certification enhances your professional development, improves your job mobility, and effectively markets your skills, competence, and experience.

Gold Seal CertifiedIf you are an Estimator, Foreperson, Owner’s Construction Manager, Project Manager, Safety Practitioner, or Superintendent working in Canada’s industrial, commercial, institutional, and civil (ICIC) construction sectors, consider getting Gold Seal Certified.

MNECA, being a Gold Seal preferred partner of CCA, supports the program through Information/guidance sessions and by offering over 70 Gold Seal accredited courses.

Information about eligibility

For detailed information about eligibility requirements and application process
please read Gold Seal Application Guide or Visit Website

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