In a recent letter released by Hon. Diane Findley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, she explains the recent changes to the Employment Insurance program.  The facts on the changes are:

– You will not be forced to move
– You will not have to take a job for which you are not qualified.
– Maternity, parental, compassionate, and sick leave benefits are not changing.
– You will receive better information on what jobs are available in your area.
– You will now be able to keep more money if you accept a job while collecting EI.
– Personal circumstances will always be considered (for example: where you live, if you have a  car, if you hhave childcare responsibilities.

Min. Findley wants poeple to know

– The changes do not target seasonal workers.  The federal government recognizes the importance of  seasonal industries in Atlantic Canada and across the country.
– If suitable jobs that match your qualifications do not exist in your area, then EI will  continue to be there for you, as it always has.
– It’s important that every Canadian who is able and available to work, has the opportunity to do  so.  It’s better for you, for your families and for your communities.