In preparation for the CANB-Moncton Northeast AGM taking place, Thursday, February 27st, the association is holding its election to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors. Directors will be elected to 2-year terms and will be limited to three such terms. This Bylaw requires the Board composition to be made up of sector representatives with four directors representing the General Contractors sector, four representing the Trade Contractors sector, four representing the Manufacturers & Suppliers sector, two representing members from the three northern counties (Restigouche, Gloucester & Northumberland) regardless of sector and one representing Associate members. Those holding Executive positions on the Board are not subject to elections and are acclaimed as long as they maintain an Executive position.

The FOUR positions are as follows and where a name appears it means current Board Member named wishes to remain on the Board and contest an election if need be.

Manufacturer & Supplier (TWO positions to be elected)
Northern Representative (TWO positions to be elected):  Incumbent >  Bill Schenkels (Sunny Corner)
Trade Contractor: (ONE position to be elected)

In order to be eligible to serve on the Association Board of Directors a person must be an employee of the firm he/she represents or be an Executive Officer of the firm, with Executive Officer being described as a Corporate Officer or Manager; a person holding an important position in an Executive capacity with discretionary authority; or a person acting as the local agent or Branch Representative of a Member Corporation.

Anyone interested in contesting any of these Board positions must fill out the Notice of Intention to Seek Election to the MNECA Board of Directors and email it to Nadine Fullarton, CANB-Moncton Northeast President by email ( no later than February 7th, 2020. For more information, please call (506) 857-4038.