As you were previously notified the Moncton Northeast Construction Association amended its Bylaws to provide for elections to the Board of Directors beginning in 2016.  Directors now will be elected to 2-year terms and will be limited to three such terms.  The Bylaw change also requires the Board composition be made up of sector representatives with four directors representing the General Contractors sector, four representing the Trade Contractors sector, four representing the Manufacturers & Suppliers sector, two representing members from the three northern counties (Restigouche, Gloucester & Northumberland) regardless of sector and one representing Associate members.

The previous “Notice of Election” generated some interest with several candidates offering their names to serve on the Board of Directors.  However, of the six positions there will only be an election for the two positions for Directors representing the Trade Contractor Sector.

General Contractor Sector: Nick Bird (Avondale Construction) – Acclaimed & Andrew Myers (Lindsay Construction) – Acclaimed

Trade Contractor (2 to be elected):  Mark Spence (Floors Plus Commercial) & Tabitha Savage (Controls & Equipment) & Cherrie Moreault (Black & McDonald)

Manufacturer & Supplier: Rene Blanchard (Blanchard Group) – Acclaimed & Blaise Dobbin (Compact Appliances) – Acclaimed

Northern Member: Luc Bernard (Design Build Mechanical) – Acclaimed

The election for the Trade Contractor Sector Directors will take place next week.  On Monday February 8 members will be sent a link to a voting site where votes can be cast electronically.  Those voting will have to identify themselves but the identification will only be viewed by Scrutineers Bill Dixon & Nancy McNaught to determine eligibility to vote.  Only one vote will be accepted from each member-firm.  In order to be eligible to vote the person must be a senior employee of the firm he/she represents or be an Executive Officer of the firm, with Executive Officer being described as a Corporate Officer or Manager; a person holding an important position in an Executive capacity with discretionary authority; or a person acting as the local agent or Branch Representative of a Member Corporation.

Representatives of member firms may vote for candidates running for the Trade Contractor Sector Director whether their firm is in that sector or not.