Most of us know that good teamwork in the workplace can lead to increased productivity, higher morale and a fulfilled, loyal workforce. But how to achieve a good and cohesive team within our workplace?

Mentoring is an essential element for leadership and team building in promoting generational cohesion within a workforce and improving retention. Mentoring programs are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces, as they help in reducing turnover, promoting growth, and overall help employees adjust to new positions as well as become prepared to move up in the company. Plus, Millennials, who will make up more then 50% of your workforce in the next decade, see mentoring as a crucial part of their career success so it can’t be ignored!

Great teams are not accidental, but rather, are the product of great leadership! Leaders who focus on building a cohesive workforce by utilizing the strengths and skill sets that characterize different generations and creating the conditions in which employees across all generations create a workplace where employees are supported and valued. Leadership and guidance is very important to success in nearly every field, and workplace mentoring is one way to provide personalized leadership for both new and tenured employees.

The aim of NB-MAP’s course offerings is to build effective leadership, teamwork and mentoring skills that can assist you in your efforts to promote team cohesion and retention of employees. NB-MAP training will provide you with strategies and tools to help you be a more effective mentor and understand some key teaching strategies. During these sessions, you will explore key subjects of mentoring, such as: communication, generations in the workplace, learning styles, offering feedback, etc. NB-MAP is a non-profit organization that teaches how to be a great on-the-job mentor/leader to new hires and/or apprentices. Whether you are a manager, an engineer, a journeyperson, this course offering are for you!

NBMAP Course offerings: 
The M.E.N.T.O.R. Approach
For all levels within a team, this course teaches how to provide effective on-the-job mentorship, featuring a simple and easy-to-remember tool mentors can apply to every lesson.
Generations in the Workplace
Each generation in the workforce thinks, acts and experiences life differently, and likewise their behavior in the workplace varies greatly. This course helps learners understand the unique characteristics of each generation in today’s workforce, and explores strategies of how to get the most out of this generational diversity.
Balance – Creating an inclusive workplace
Recognizing the need to diversify a workplace is one thing, but how do you get your existing workforce on board? This course will help learners feel more comfortable working with those who are different than them, through a genuine discovery of issues and exploration of practical strategies to enable teamwork across gender and ethnic lines.
Adult Learning 101
Effective ‘on the job’ learning is essential to ensuring long term workforce sustainability. This course enables participants to explore recognized adult education theories, approaches and principles. It is designed for individuals who wish to take mentoring in the workplace to the next level by understanding better adult learning.

Note: Complete these four courses to receive a Master of Mentorship certificate.
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