The following is the results of the draw conducted today, August 22, for team entries into the September 12th Moncton Northeast Golf Tournament sponsored by Fero Waste & Recycling.

The teams are listed in the order in which they were drawn. The Entertainment Committee has been working with Staff at Lakeside Golf & Country Club to insure the success of this event and have been able to make room for 40 teams. So the first 40 teams listed are guaranteed a spot in the tournament.

If there is any team that wishes to withdraw, or to be no longer considered if not in one of the guaranteed spots, please advise us forthwith by responding to this email. If the withdrawal is from the first 40 then a team can move up from the list of remaining teams. Any withdrawal should be in writing in order to prevent any confusion.

Also if there are teams with less than four players, you may opt to fill the remaining spots yourself or, the tournament organizers can do it for you by combining other teams of less than four. Again, please advise as soon as possible to allow us to backfill from the remaining list.

It should be noted that last year it ended up that with the consolidation of teams and withdrawals every team that was on the original list of 54 were invited to play in the tournament. We would urge teams that are going to consolidate or withdraw to do so soon as possible to give as many as possible the chance to play in this popular event.

Invoices will now be issued for all confirmed/guaranteed entries. In any case withdrawals of confirmed entries must be made by Thursday September 5. No refunds will be issued after September 5, unless the spot can be filled.