The merger of the Buildings Division of the old Department of Supply and Services into the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure is becoming finalized.  On December 19 the Department issued a Bulletin to internal and external stakeholders with important information.  Many Moncton Northeast members would have received this document but we have reproduced it in both English and French

Every contractor doing work with the Department should read the document but here are some highlights that are noteworthy.

ITEM 1 New Department Name

All documents and correspondence now should be addressed to: Department of Transportation and Infrastructure – Buildings Division.

ITEM 2 Moving to New Location

Starting February 1st, 2013 the Buildings Division will be located at 440 King Street, 4th Floor – King Tower, Kings Place in Fredericton.

ITEM 3 Advertising Modifications

Beginning February 1st, 2013 there will no longer be Department construction tenders advertised in newspapers.  Tenders will be continue to be found on New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON).  Moncton Northeast members will continue to see tenders on CINet.  Moncton Northeast staff constantly monitors NBON and other construction tender opportunity sites to provide with members the greatest number of tendering opportunities.

ITEM 4 New Tender Document Distribution

Tender documents can be purchased on line through the Department or NBON web site or in person on the 5th Floor of King Tower – Kings Place.  The Crown Construction Contracts Act requires that contractors bidding directly to the Department need to register and purchase their documents from the Department.  This is for hard copy only; there is no download of pdf files.  Moncton Northeast members, not requiring to be registerd as above, will continue to be able to download pdf files from CINet.

ITEM 5 General Modification to Standard “Front –End” Documents

The “Standard Specification” is available for viewing and download from the Province of New Brunswick’s web site.  It is not included with each individual tender.  This document could be revised on a regular basis.  Anyone bidding on Department construction tenders should insure they have the most current copy of this document.

ITEM 6 Modifications to “Specific” Specification Sections

It should be noted here that the tender closing time, which has normally been at 3:00 pm will now be changing to 2:00 pm.  Also that tenders will now be delivered to 440 King Street, 5th Floor, King Tower – Kings Place, Fredericton

Bank drafts are not accepted as security due to legislative restrictions.  Bid Bonds must be signed by a principal of the company, must have the company seal and must be good for a minimum of 21 days.

The section on Bid Depository just notes the thresholds used for determining the use of the Bid Depository by the Department.