In July 2016 CANB – Moncton Northeast, in conjunction with the Department of Post-Secondary Education Training & Labour, undertook a pilot project with the aim of providing an industry template to facilitate short and long term productivity improvements for member companies and the construction industry in general.  The goal, using the principles of lean management, was to establish, through leadership and key training, a management and operating culture and an effective Value Stream, to improve project delivery for improved overall productivity and thus profitability.

Fundy Pros Specialty Construction, headed by President Mario Allain, volunteered to commit their human and corporate resources to the project and today are beginning to reap the rewards.  The template has been established and now CANB-Moncton Northeast would like to invite you to a short presentation on the mechanics of the project and to learn how your company can, with an investment of time as Fundy Pros did, begin on your productivity improvement journey.

The presentation will be facilitated by John Chute, Chute Technology & Engineering, and will also feature testimonials from Mario Allain and Fundy Pros Operations Manager Jamie Pelletier-Bernier.

This update is scheduled to begin at 12PM Noon on Thursday November 2 in the CANB – Moncton Northeast Training Room and will last 1½ to 2 hours. A light lunch will be provided.


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This is an opportunity not to be missed!  It could lead to increased profitability of your company!