Training Program


MNECA’s Centre of Construction Learning enhances industry expertise by covering a wide range of courses in National Curriculum Standard areas. Catering to professionals at all career stages, our center offers comprehensive training in project management, human resources, technical skills, and leadership.

Courses are organized by key areas for easy access to relevant content, empowering professionals to excel in their roles. Committed to excellence and innovation, the center has been a trusted partner in advancing the construction industry since 2000. With over 70 courses in leadership, finance, project management, site management, contracts, technology, and HR, the center equips professionals with essential knowledge and skills.

Training is available in virtual, in-person, and hybrid formats, accommodating diverse learning preferences. Serving beyond Moncton, the center also provides training to Construction professionals across the province of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

  • Upgrade professional skills

  • Improve their career

  • Grow the business

  • Have the Gold Seal Certification.


The Centre of Construction Learning (CCL) offers over 70 courses in different categories (in the grid below) to:


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I’m happy to see the impactful work of MNECA’s Centre of Construction Learning and its position as one of the cornerstones of industry advancement. Since 2000, our centre has been pivotal in industry progress, offering a diverse range of over 70 specialized courses and multimodal delivery, In-person, virtual, and hybrid ensuring accessibility for all.

President, abc

In my capacity as the Manager of Learning and Development at MNECA’s Centre of Construction Learning, I am honored to oversee an association committed to building industry knowledge through the CCA’s Gold Seal National Curriculum and other standard construction programs. Our center provides specialized training in leadership, finance, project management, site management, contracts, technology, and human resources, to support construction professionals across all career phases.

Manish Bhadwal, Learning & Development Manager
Gold Seal Certified


GSC Support

As a preferred training partner of the CCA Gold Seal Program, the majority of our courses are Gold Seal Accredited and worth Gold Seal credits. These credits apply to fulfilling the education and training criteria for the Gold Seal Application.

Knowledge Building

The Course Participants get the chance to learn from seasoned facilitators and industry experts to expand their construction knowledge. Our courses are engaging and facilitated in an interactive environment where you will learn from experienced facilitators as well as from fellow Course participants.

Network Building

At MNECA, we enjoy hosting networking events, and our Centre of Construction Learning offers exceptional opportunities to build lasting partnerships. By attending our courses, you’ll connect with like-minded professionals, providing you the chance to expand your knowledge and broaden your network simultaneously.

Business Development

Employees are more likely to give creative ideas and perform better when they feel appreciated and supported. Establishing a culture of ongoing learning and growth gives your employees the tools they need to take your business to new heights, which will secure long-term success and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Bill Dixon

Bill Dixon

President of CANB – Moncton Northeast from 1999 to 2016.
Retired construction industry trade association executive.

Lee Kelly

Lee Kelly

President of Constructing Minds Inc.
+40 years of construction management experience.

Gordon Melvin

Gordon Melvin

Founder and Owner of Meltech Thermal Imaging Inc.
Gold Seal Certified Project Manager with the CCA.

Stephen P Franklin

Stephen P Franklin

+3- years experience providing high quality training and consulting across Canada.

Phill Perry

Phill Perry

President of Perry Educational Services Ltd
+30 years of experience in the construction industry.

Izzy Perry

Izzy Perry

+25 years working with Microsoft Office.
Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator.

Dave Osborne

David W Osborn

Vice President of Predictive Success Corporation
Enthusiastic team leader, consultant, and trainer

Wayne Newell

Wayne Newell

+35 years in senior financial leadership roles
He has helped owners, managers, and business grow


I learned a lot, easy to follow information.

Kyle Hunter, Commercial Masonry • Site Superintendent
Great course, went over everything, at the right pace and gave great example.
Jeremie Gallant, Bay Construction + Management Inc • Project Manager
The course was very thorough; a lot of content. I would gladly sit in a longer session to dive deeper into the material.
Brandon Baker, Expert Fence Co • General Manager
Great instructor, awesome knowledge.
Bryan Lebreton, St Isidore Asphalte • Director of Operations
Great and knowledgeable facilitator. Positive learning experiences and lots of resources to take away from the course.
Tim Cairns, PMC Energy • Project Manager
Very knowledgeable, I learned a lot. Thanks!
Devan Gaunce, Acadian Construction • Site Superintendent
Very well done, lots of information to cover, half days are the best way to handle this.
Drew Barron, Eastern Fence • Eastern Fence