February 15, 2016 was a historic day for Moncton Northeast Construction Association (CANB- Moncton Northeast).  For the first time in its history, or at least as far as anyone can remember, the first elected board members took their place on the Board of Directors.  Starting this year Board Members will have fixed terms of two years and will be limited to serving three of these terms consecutively unless they move into an executive position.  In each year one-half of the Board positions will stand for election.  Other changes were made to the makeup of the Board and for the first time the 2016 Board will have equal representation from the sectors making up its regular membership.  So now there are four directors that represent each of the three sectors of General Contractor, Trade Contractor and Manufacturer & Supplier.  There continues to be two members representing the three northern counties and one who represents the Associate Members.

After a nominating process and an election for two of the available positions Nick Bird (Avondale Construction) and Andrew Myers (J W Lindsay Construction) were acclaimed as General Contractor sector representatives, Tabatha Savage (Controls & Equipment) and Cherrie Moreault (Black & McDonald) were elected as Trade Contractor sector representatives, Blaise Dobbin (Compact Appliances) and Rene Blanchard (Blanchard Group) were acclaimed as Manufacturer & Supplier sector representatives and Luc Bernard (Design Built Mechanical) was acclaimed as a director representing the northern members.  Those whose terms will expire in 2017 and so continuing to serve on the Board are John Rice (Rice Contracting) and Marilou Savoie (Acadian Construction) in the General Contractor sector, Barry Blight (Eastern Fence) and Doug Trenholm (Economy Glass) in the Trade Contractor Sector, Andrew King (Fero Waste & Recycling) and Jean Bourque (Strescon) in the Manufacturer & Supplier sector, Bill Schenkels (Sunny Corner Enterprises) from the northern counties and Rick Melanson (Champlain Goguen Insurance) from the Associates.

At a Board Meeting yesterday the new Board elected the officers of the Association for 2016 with Andrew King as Chair, John Rice as First Vice Chair, Marilou Savoie as Second Vice Chair and Jean Bourque as Secretary Treasurer.  The Past Chair is Nick Bird.