Changes to the NB OHS Act and the NB Regulation 91-191 as well as links to new forms required and a link to all Act and regulations for OHS.

OHS Act – Full Document

Regulation 91-191 – Full Document

OHS Act – Chapter 0-0.2 – Updated September 1, 2020


The big change under the Act is” Section 36  ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTIES” this has been discussed by WorkSafeNB for a while now but Since September 1, 2020, it is legal.  I have to say we were a little blinded by this one as we have not seen anything from WorkSafeNB that it had passed. In the old days when something like this was going to happen there would have been a committee of industry partners that would review it and have an agreement before it when to legal.   Read this section to see the changes that are now in place and how they could affect you.

We suggest for those that were not aware of the addition in 2019 to language referring to “supervisor”  under section 9.1 to review this as well.

NB Regulation 91-191- Updated May 29,2020

Section 39 – upgraded the CSA standard

Sections 40  – Removed reference to ANSI Standard and moved to CSA Standard CSA  Z94.3-15

Section 41 –  upgraded the CSA standard

Section 48 – upgraded the CSA standard

51 (1) – Removed several standards and replaced with –“ that is approved by Transport Canada or by an agency permitted by Transport Canada to approve it”


Important new forms

Link to new forms required for reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. For both Employer and Employee.

Important Link

Link to all OHS Acts and Regulations.